P R O P E R T Y   C A R E

• Site Specific Garden Care Programs

• Specialized Pruning

• Organic Lawn Care

• Organic Plant Health Care

• Soil Nutrition

• Preventative Plant Care

• Hedge Shearing

• Organic Foliar & Root Feeding

• Seasonal Cleanups

• Winter Dormant Tree Pruning

• Spring, Summer & Fall Annual Flowers

• Holiday Decor

• Overseeding/Sod Installation

• Privet Pruning

• Detailed Service

• Beneficial & Pest Insect Management

• Lawn Renovation & Sod Installation

• Topiary Shaping

• Attention to Client Lifestyles, Schedules &       Tastes

• Preventative Plant Care

• Complex Transplanting & Aftercare

• Deer & Pest Management: Fencing, repellents

• Seasonal Enhancements

• Winter Greens

• Burlap

• Turf Aeration: Mechanical or Organic

• Plant Protection From Winter Winds

Each property is unique as is each client, so careful consideration and attention to detail will be given to each landscape to accommodate client requirements. We believe that landscape maintenance is about much more than just a checklist of seasonal requirements. We ensure the long-term health and overall well-being of your landscape while protecting your considerable investment and keep your property looking pristine. We are constantly monitoring your landscape needs. We respond to those evolving needs efficiently to protect the beauty and value of your landscape. Each landscape is like a unique puzzle and we ensure each of the pieces fit together perfectly to create the ideal picture.

Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to handle the seasonal complexities of Connecticut combined with the needs of a sophisticated and aesthetically discerning clientele.