Custom Stonework

  Designing With Custom Stonework Creates a Lasting Element to Your Landscape Design

Stone is one of the most natural elements and makes an excellent addition to any landscape design. Adding custom stonework to your landscape design gives you something that not only enhances the area when everything is in full bloom but also keeps it looking interesting when you are in the more sparse seasons. Custom stonework adds focus to some areas, can be the one element that brings all the other pieces together, and creates a focal point of interest. There is so much you can do with stone.


Small stones come in a variety of shapes and colors. They look wonderful as natural weed-deterrents between rows of flowers or around the bases of trees and bushes. Large river stones make excellent footpaths and walkways. Custom stonework can be utilized to build walls of varying heights to section off a yard, create a barrier that directs rainwater away from the foundation of your home, builds up an area for raised gardens, or creates a barrier for wildlife. But that isn't all.


You can create a wishing well or other water feature with custom stonework. You can build a piece of artwork or design an interesting fire pit for the yard. Creating a stone deck around a pool or in an outdoor lounging area not only looks excellent but is also easy to maintain. The stonework is one of the most lasting elements in any landscape.