P O R T F O L I O 

Formal Cottage Garden in Madison

This landscape underwent a dramatic transformation from an overgrown afterthought to a well-defined beautiful and functional space. The gardens were reclaimed and the garden path was changed from a hidden tangle of vines to a welcoming entry into the backyard.

Various ornamental pieces were incorporated to give the garden a bit more of a formal feel blending the cottage and formal styles together. The landscaping in this garden is both horizontal and vertical as layers of colorful perennials give way to taller shrub specimens  and ornamental trees that define the garden and give it it's backbone during the winter. Various textures from grass, mulch, stone and foliage create interest and diversity. Same species plants such as hosta with different variations of variety create harmony while infusing with color. Layers of colorful plant material both in foliage and flower fill the beds while taller specimens help define the space and add directional flow.

A slight element of intrigue is incorporated with the garden gate. The lovely spaces in front and the meandering path leading to the garden gate lead one to wonder what beauty lies just out of eyesight on the other side of the gate.

Take a peek at how the space looked originally with our before gallery at the bottom of the page.

Formal Cottage Garden Before
Formal Cottage Garden Before
Formal Cottage Garden Before