G A R D E N  C A R E

• Pruning

• Shaping

• Transplanting

• Watering

• Feeding

• Bed Edging

• Pest Control

• Insect Control

• Staking

• Dead heading

• Dead leafing

• Training

• Weeding

• Mulching

• Disease Control

• Winter Protection & Burlapping

In order for a garden to stay beautiful, it needs a certain amount of regular maintenance. Pruning, weeding, dead-heading and watering are all parts of keeping a garden beautiful. It's another aspect of gardening that we love! 

From the most intricate topiary right down to a simple weed, we have both the skills and knowledge to care for every aspect of your landscape and garden. By inspecting each property regularly, we can monitor the growth and health of the plant material.

Practices such as weeding and pruning often promote health and reduce insect damage or disease. We can reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides by up to 100%. Our landscape maintenance program ensures that your property looks it's best at all

times and that your investment is being monitored and well cared for. At M&M Garden Designs we realize that the purpose of a garden or landscape is to enhance the home's beauty while adding to it's value and providing beauty for the homeowner. The true beauty is an expression of personal style and the true value is the ability to enjoy one's personal surroundings. We help you realize the maximum beauty and value of your landscape or garden,

Maintenance Packages

Completely Customizable to your lifestyle, garden and budget.
• Weekly 
• Bi-Weekly
• Monthly
• As Needed