Garden Maintenance

Beautiful Gardens Take Hours of Garden Maintenance

Installing and maintaining a garden takes hours of time that the majority of people don't have. It isn't a simple matter of digging up some dirt, scattering some seeds, and then watering from time to time. We find that many of our customers are genuinely surprised at just how much work is required to get that fabulous work they see in garden magazines. Let's take a look.


Before one piece of dirt is turned, the garden installation needs to be planned. This entails surveying the area and noting such things as soil type and how much sun you can expect in certain areas. Next comes the choice of plants. Do you want a garden that is built up around a particular feature that is already in the yard or are you starting with a clean slate? Do you have particular trees, bushes, and flowers in mind? Considering such things as allergies is another necessity.


Once those decisions are made and a plan for placement is in place, the ground needs to be tilled and fertilized. Gardens often come together with a mixture of seeds and actual plants, making it possible to see results from the start. At this point, any special stonework or water features are also put into place. Any garden paths are created. The garden installation is done, but the work isn't.


Watering schedules need to be created and you need to know what works best for the types of plants chosen. The flower beds will need weeding and any seeded areas will need to be thinned out as the plants begin to grow. More fertilizer may need to be used. The landscaper will also discuss things like placing cedar chips or other types of things around trees and among the flowers in order to reduce the need for weeding. Only when all this is done can a regular schedule be set up for periodic maintenance to keep your garden beautiful.