Landscape Installation

  Landscapers Don't Just Manicure Lawns

What kinds of things can you expect when you hire a landscaper? Landscape installation includes everything from maintaining the soil in the area to making sure your lawn is perfectly green and evenly planted. Edging the lawn and treating for pests is often a part of maintenance. But what does landscape installation include?


Landscape installation includes installing grass, trees, bushes, and gardens. The landscaper helps determine what types of plants will look best for the look you want. They create specialized areas such as pool landscaping, a seasonal garden, and edible gardens. Are you thinking about a garden path with large stones, or maybe a small wall around the garden? This is a job that also falls under landscape installation. Water features can also be considered.


Landscape installation also provides a means to protect the plants and features. This can include special fencing to discourage wild creatures from entering the area. This helps prevent deer from nibbling on the plants or trampling your flower beds. The installation can include bringing in topsoil and fertilizer when your current soil doesn't support what you are seeking. If it is intended to enhance the look of the yard surrounding your property, it is fair to say landscape installation is a part of the process.