Lawn Care

  Lawn Care Involves More Than Mowing

Mowing your lawn takes up the most time. After all, grass keeps growing and when it rains, it seems that it grows an inch or more overnight. We all admire the lawns that seem to be perfect. You know the type, every blade seems to be the same height, the color is uniform, and there is no indication that a weed would ever dare invade the area. Sometimes you wonder if the lawn contains real grass or if it is artificial turf like that at a baseball park and many golf courses. In truth, it could be either - and in either case, it requires lawn maintenance to keep it looking this beautiful.


A great lawn begins with decent sod. The area has to be leveled and if it is an area that retains moisture, lawn care would include something to help the moisture drain. Debris needs to be kept off the lawn and edging needs to be done regularly to keep edges clear of weeds. Artificial turf doesn't require much more lawn care than this. Most lawns, however, have live grass growing.


The lawn may need regular aerating, the grass needs to be mowed, and you will need to have it treated for both pests and weeds on a regular schedule. Whoever is responsible for the lawn maintenance needs to understand that sometimes you need to reseed certain patches as they become worn and thin. Compost can help maintain the health of your lawn and regular watering will help it remain green when the sun shines directly on it for a good part of the day. The edging needs to be done as regularly as the mowing in order to keep weeds from growing up and into the yard. Maintaining the kind of yard that is the envy of the neighborhood is almost a full-time job.