O U R   P R O C E S S

Consultation & Design

Our first meeting is all about you. We want to have the big picture in mind:

what you love, what you hate. Designing a landscape takes a good deal of time and planing, we do this so we can make sure we're crafting a landscape or garden that you love. We want to get to know your objectives, how you would like to see the space, and what you want to allocate towards your project. We'll ask you to do some research online and pick out some pictures you like so we can better understand the style that appeals to you. We'll answer any

questions you have. We then take some photos of the area to be landscaped. We'll bring those photos into our software and provide you with a digital design so you can visualize your new landscape before we actually break ground. Our designs give you the opportunity to work with you and change out plants so you have a landscape you love before work even begins. You'll be able to see what your landscape looks like in all four seasons before we plant. 

Planting & Construction

When it comes to implementing your new landscape, we take care of all the details. We'll bring your landscape to life through exceptional construction. We will select the best flowers, shrubs and trees for your landscape conditions, soil, and climate. All our plants are locally grown through one of our nurseries right here in Connecticut. We use the highest quality materials available, proven techniques acquired through years of expertise, and the latest industry standards. As owners, Eric and Sandi are on every job, assuring no detail is overlooked. Our crew is highly trained in all aspects of landscape installation. We love what we do so you'll see us working alongside our crew during the installation. You are always welcome to come speak with us, or one of our exceptionally trained crew members. It's all in the little details.


When it comes to caring for your new landscape, you'll get a key as to what each plant is and detailed care information. Overall long term maintenance is a consideration at the beginning of the design. We can teach you how to care for it yourself or we can implement our maintenance services where we care for it so you don't have to. We can take the worry and the hassle out of maintaining your landscape by caring for it as frequently as you like. You decide. We guarantee high quality craftsmanship in every aspect of what we do. Attention to detail and respect for your home and family is always at the top of our list and always accompanied by exceptional customer service and a friendly demeanor.