• Sandi Manna

20 Ideas To Transform Your Garden In 2017

Your garden is your personal space. It's a space that reflects who you are and is a space that should bring a sense of happiness.

1. Add space to sit and enjoy your garden. This could be an Adirondack chair tastefully placed, a beautiful garden bench, or a bistro set where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or have breakfast Al Fresco. Whatever your seating of choice, it should be placed where you have a great view of your garden.

2. Add perennials that look good... All year round. This can be achieved through interesting foliage color such as the red leaves of Heuchera ' Fire Cheif'.

3. You can add plants with interesting texture such as False Cypress with its clusters of fern-like foliage.

4. Add a trellis. This will give you a vertical accent in your garden and provide some interest in the winter.

5. Add a bird bath with a solar powered fountain. The trickling water will not only attract birds but will also create a sound many find soothing.

6. Be sure to stagger your bloom times. By doing a little research, you can ba sure that no matter the season, there is always something in bloom.

7. Add some late season berries. By adding Winter Berry Holly or Beauty Berry, you can add some late season interest to your garden that's different than just flowers.

8. Light up the night. Even if it's just some simple path lighting or a spotlight on a particular feature, lighting your garden adds just a little drama. Consider the element of cast shadows in the garden.

9. Grow fruit. Strawberries grown in a pot are relatively effortless and the reward large. Nothing tastes sweeter than a fresh picked, ripe strawberry.


10. Celebrate the season. Leave room in your garden for seasonal plantings such as spring and summer annuals or fall supplements such as ornamental cabbage and kale.

11. Plant spring blooming bulbs. It's hard to think of the beginning of the next garden season when you're just about at the end of one, but by planting spring blooming bulbs such as tulip, daffodils and hyacinth you will get a very welcome early flush of color. Deer problems? Here's a tip: deer don't like daffodils.

12. Get colorful with containers. Big or small, every landscape benefits from containers. Variegated Ivy or colorful sweet potato vine cascading down add a touch of elegance to any garden. Swap them out with seasonal annuals or incorporate interesting perennials for a unique look.

13. Plan for winter interest. If you can handle leaving some blooms up after they're done, dried blooms like sedum and astilbe are great for winter interest.

14. Bring the outside in. It's always nice to cut fragrant or colorful flowers and bring them in. With a little planning you can almost always have a fresh bouquet in your home. Look to add flowers that are good for cutting.

15. Add fragrance. Fragrant flowers along paths are an added bonus when strolling though the garden. Fragrant shrubs and vines near a garden bench make sitting awhile even better! Try adding fragrance near a door. Asiatic lillies and honeysuckle offer an intoxicating fragrance to greet guests when they come.

16. Cozy up. Add a warm blanket to your bench and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Sit and enjoy the beauty of nature's glitter as a morning frost sparkles from the sunlight in your garden.

17. Kindle a flame. Add a circle of rocks or a commercial fire pit to your garden. Summer is a great time to spend an evening outside stargazing with a crackling fire.

18. Add decorative features to your garden. An armillary or garden statue is a great way to accent your garden.

19. Small plants, big impact. Succulents don't need a lot of room to grow but can add some interesting character to your garden. Try planting an old watering can with a variety of succulents. A low, wide pot filled with succulents can make a beautiful centerpiece for a patio or outdoor table.

20. Add unique edibles. Growing edibles isn't limited to veggies. Nasturtium, lavender, Day Lily and squash blossom are among just a few of the edible flowers you can grow.

Here's a link to a chart of edible flowers from What's Cooking America:


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