• Sandi Manna

Announcing....The Perennial Plant Of The Year

What is the Perennial Plant Of The Year?

Every year the Perennial Plant Association chooses a new perennial to be perennial of the year. The Perennial Plant Association is an organization dedicated to educating both professionals and homeowners alike about perennials.

The Perennial Plant of the Year™ (POY™) program originated in 1990. The objective is to showcase a perennial that stands out among its competitors. The perennials chosen have certain attributes that make them better than other perennials.

1. They are suitable for a wide range of growing climates.

2. They are low in maintenance.

3. They have interest in multiple seasons.

4. They are relatively pest and disease-free.

The plant of the year for 2017 is Asclepias Tuberosa, or Butterfly Weed. One of the great things about this perennial is that it is a North American Native. Even better, as its name suggests, the Butterfly Weed is a magnet for butterflies! This is a pretty perennial which should have a place in every garden. Let's take a look at some of the features about this perennial that make it an excellent choice. This plant has relatively low water requirements. Don't get me wrong, every living plant...even a cactus...needs some water, but these are more drought tolerant than others. That means in July and August when the drought of summer is at it's worst, your Butterfly Weed is still looking good! It has wide, showy flowers that are good for cutting. It attracts butterflies like crazy, and if all that isn't enough...it's deer resistant on top of it all!

Take a look at some of the characteristics of this great perennial:


Height: 1- 2.5 feet

Spread: 1 - 1.5 feet

Bloom Time: June to August

Bloom Description: Yellow or Orange/Red

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Dry to Medium.

Flower: Showy

Deer Resistant

Want more suggestions on other great plants for your garden? Check out past PPA plants of the year at their website: http://www.perennialplant.org/index.php?Itemid=167