• Sandi Manna

New and Noteworthy Shrubs for 2017

Woody ornamentals, or shrubs, are a key factor in almost any landscape. They have many different characteristics: from short to tall, deciduous to evergreen. Colors range anywhere from muted to bright. With so much variety, it's hard to choose just a few!

The growers, such as Monrovia among others, who breed new shrub varieties, have done an exceptional job in recent years by growing new varieties of old favorites. They know not everybody has the space for a good old-fashioned lilac, so they've created a dwarf variety.

2017 is no exception! Breeders displayed their new varieties at the California Spring Trials and there is enough color, texture and interest to capture the imagination and creativity of gardeners and landscapers alike!

Take a look at some of our favorites:

1. Pearl Glam Beauty Berry

A new twist on an old favorite! I love beautyberry shrubs! I think their bright purple berries add so much to the fall landscape. "Purple Glam" is now on my Must Have list! It has the same characteristics of a typical beautyberry in terms of height and width. It's also loaded with those bright purple berries that I love! But look at the foliage!! WOW! I love the hint of deep purple in the foliage! I am always interested in uniquely colored foliage, so I'm definitely interested in getting one of these for my garden!

2. Ginger Wine Ninebark

Ninebarks are beautiful shrubs to have in your garden. They offer tons of interest all year long. Ginger Wine Ninebark is a new variety this year. I love its foliage color. It starts out in spring with a sunny orange color and matures to a deep burgundy as the season progresses. Clusters of white flowers cover the shrub in late spring and then age to attractive red seed heads. Attractive peeling bark makes this an exceptional addition to any garden.

3. Proud Berry Coral Berry

If you're looking for a shrub that's guaranteed to turn heads, look no further! It has pretty foliage that has a distinct blue hue (I know! Foliage! It's exciting, right?!). It is loaded with flowers from late summer through mid-fall, and they're great for cutting too! It's low maintenance, just prune it back to 12" in spring and cut out any dead wood. The bell-shaped white flowers turn to plump pink berries in fall which deepen in color as the season progresses. Truly a great addition to the garden.

4. No list would be complete without at least one hydrangea! I love the new Seaside Serenade Hydrangea by Monrovia. This is a new take on the classic mophead hydrangea. This hydrangea sports ruffled white blooms that are edged in a deep rose. Sturdy stems on this compact variety make for excellent cut flowers.

5. Abelia 'Sweet Emotion'. Beautiful clusters of pink buds that open a creamy white in late spring and early summer. Even better is the heavenly scent these flowers emit! One whiff of this shrub and you'll never forget it. Glossy green foliage which is deer resistant (always a bonus!) turns to rich golden tones in autumn.

6. Cayenne Dogwood. This new Dogwood introduction features lush green foliage that is disease resistant. Some varieties of Dogwood area prone to leaf spot. Porcelain-blue berries erupt in late summer, contrasting nicely with the vivid orange-red color in fall. The show continues after the leaves drop in fall with bright red stems that can provide much-needed color in a dreary winter landscape. If you're a bird lover, this is a shrub you should have in your garden as it provides excellent food for them.

Images Courtesy of Proven Winners, Monrovia and Bailey Nurseries

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