• Sandi Manna

Adding Winter Interest To The Garden

Looking for some creative ways to add winter interest to the garden ?

If the cold, bleak days of winter leave you singing the blues and missing your garden, dry your tears! We have some great ways for you to create winter interest in your garden that will have you loving your garden in the winter just as much as you do in summer...well almost.

Evergreen trees and shrubs can often be the backbone of your garden. Check out our blog on shrubs for winter interest.

Evergreens are a given of course, but think of shrubs that have an interesting silhouette. Take a look at the interesting contorted branches of a Harry Lauder's Walking Stick.

Winter interest can go beyond plant life. Inanimate objects such as a trellis, arbor or even a bench can add character on the winter. Morning frost glittering on the wrought iron scrolls of a garden bench makes for a beautiful winter scene.

Bird baths, bird houses, and bird feeders can be pretty in their own right, but by attracting birds, you but only benefit wildlife, but you can benefit from the entertainment they can provide.

So, go outside and take a look at your garden and see where you can add a little winter interest!