• Sandi Manna

Fertilizer Tips

Now that spring is here it's time to start fertilizing the lawn.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your fertilization.

Your fertilizer always needs to get watered in. It's not a bad idea to plan on doing it a day before it's going to rain if you can.

Spring is the time for pre-emergent.

Skip areas you have spot seeded or intend to seed. Pre-emergent prevents any new grass from growing, not just crabgrass.

Always clean off your hard surfaces such as patios, walkways and driveways as the pellets can stain.

Be sure to do an even application. If some areas are heavy with fertilizer and other areas area lighter, you'll cause an uneven color with some patches dark green and others a line green. This is called "striping" and since your lawn is not a zebra, you definitely don't want that.