• Sandi Manna

Yikes! My Hydrangeas Are Black, Help!!

Yikes! My Hydrangeas look dead, what happened??!

If all of a sudden your Hydrangeas have dark, dead looking leaves, have no fear - everything will be fine.

It's been a crazy year this year, and this fall has been no different. First we started off with temperatures warmer than normal, and then we had a sudden frost. Usually, temperatures taper off a bit more gradually. This year was an exception to the rule. From the shoreline of Branford to the more inland areas of Killingworth, we all got his with that sudden frost.

The sudden drop in temperature didn't give the leaves a chance to fall. The water that was in the leaves merely froze. If you take your finger and scratch the branch just slightly, you'll see green underneath. The frozen leaves will likely fall off over the course of the winter, but if they don't, the new leaves will push through in the spring causing the old leaves to drop.

Hydrangeas are hardy in our zone, but their buds are a bit more susceptible to winter damage. Frequently we wrap our client's hydrangeas. If you're inclined to wrap your hydrangeas in burlap or another light-weight sheet, go ahead. The frozen leaves won't affect it at all.