• Sandi Manna

7 Front Yard Landscape Tips That Wow!

We frequently talk about back yard landscapes because that's where you tend to spend the most time.

Your front yard landscape has just as much impact, if not even more.

It's the first thing people see when they come to your home, and the last thing they see when they leave. It's also the first thing you see when you come home, so it's important.

Creating a landscape that's healthy, green, and well-maintained has a big impact.

Many of the homes along the Shoreline have outdated landscapes. People will often try to prune things back as far as possible, and often times it just doesn't work.

People from Branford to Madison and all in between spend thousands of dollars trying to keep up with an outdated landscape they inherited when they bought their home.

Re-landscaping your yard is an up front investment, however, chances are you will be able to recoup your investment within a few years.

The growers and breeders of plants have worked hard to create new varieties of old favorites that require less maintenance. Plus, there are all kinds of foliage colors and varieties beyond the common green that will draw positive attention to your home.


A walkway provides an aesthetic way for you and your guests to get to your front door.

Often times, Connecticut homes area built with only stepping stones as a way to get to the front door. All too often these stepping stones are small stones and they're set far apart. Not at all a comfortable size or stride.

Even if your guests don't often use you front door, your home should have a walkway. Considering a walkway? Take a look at these considerations when you plan.


Nothing says "welcome" to your guests, or "welcome home" to you than an inviting front landscape.


Whether it's a private courtyard, an outdoor kitchen or a lawn family space, an inviting outdoor space creates an intimate transition between the street and the intimacy of your home. It can be a place to entertain, dine, or just relax without the intrusion of the neighborhood.

By creating garden beds full of beautiful trees, flowering shrubs, and perennials that bloom throughout the season you create an inviting space. Add in accents of annuals in containers and beds, you'll create the perfect outdoor space. Here are some tips for planning the perfect landscape.

4. CREATE SCALE: When planning your beds, make sure they fit the size of your home. It's much better to fill the space of a small yard at a beach house along the water than it is to have undersized beds in front of a large colonial. Be sure you have enough space to incorporate a wide variety of plants.


Select a variety of plants so that you will have a succession of blooms from spring to fall. You should create a plan so that you always have something blooming in your landscape. Starting with spring bulbs and transitioning to perennials that love the summer heat, and then finishing up with fall favorites such as mum's and grasses. Be sure to incorporate trees and shrubs that have winter interest so your garden doesn't go away in the heart of winter.


Leave space in your garden beds to celebrate the seasons. Spring tulips, summer daisies, and fall peppers are a great way to add seasonal interest to your garden. It also keeps it different from year to year eliminating your garden from ever becoming stale.


Plant up containers in patios, along stone walls and on front stoops. Containers are especially welcoming on a stoop, porch, or where your driveway reaches your home.

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