• Sandi Manna

How To Deal With Snow And Ice In Your Garden

There are some things you can do to prevent snow damage in your landscape. Whether you're on the shoreline in Branford, somewhat in the middle in Madison, or in the icebox of Durham, all these tips will help your landscape survive.

- If you have had trouble with your hydrangeas blooming in the past, they may be getting

winter damage so wrap them in burlap.

- During a heavy, wet snow, go ahead and get the snow off your boxwoods. The weight can

cause damage.

- Bent branches from heavy snow can break, so brush them off gently.

- Snow falling from roofs can be heavy and can damage plants, so try to get it off your roof and

away from your garden.

- Plowing and snow blowing can wreak havoc on your garden. Try to keep shrubs far enough

from the curb or your driveway so that plowing or snow blowing won't affect them.

- Perennials are fine for curbs or alongside driveways as they are completely dormant during

the winter..

- Road salt can damage your lawn or garden. If we have a snowy winter with frequent plowing,

we recommend a gypsum treatment for your lawn or garden early in spring. Gypsum helps

neutralize salt.

- Minimize traffic on your lawn as walking on your lawn, especially during a frost, can damage

it. Here are some tips for preventing winter damage to your turfgrass

Once your garden is protected you can enjoy the snow!

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