• Sandi Manna

4 Essential Tips For A Gorgeous Garden This Spring

It's officially the first day of spring, and another Nor'Easter is headed our way. I don't know about you, but I am really ready for the warm weather! It seems that the spring weather will never be here.

After being cooped up inside all winter and dealing with sub-zero temps, there's nothing better than springtime in Connecticut especially when it really does feel like spring. The warm air, all the good smells from outside. The birds are singing, the warm sun feels amazing, and everybody is eager to get outside. Now is the ideal time to start.

While there's no lack of options to consider when you're getting ready to create the perfect landscape, the best plan is to have a plan.

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors and get out there and clean your garden. Even the best fall cleanup (we've been told not even one leaf is left when we're done with our clients fall cleanup) can see leaves in the springtime landscape. Winter winds can carry them in from just about anywhere. They can come in from the woods or when a neighbor's house. We had a client in Madison who's yard was pristine when we were done, but their neighbors moved and never did a cleanup so our spring cleanup was more involved than usual. Be sure to get out early as some of the warm temps we've had can encourage some of the more eager plants to start to come up. You want to avoid doing any damage to the time, tender plants as they emerge. If you're out there early, you don't have to worry about not seeing them under the leaves and debris as they haven't started to come up yet.

Add Cold Hardy Annuals

If you're arm nearly fell off last day when you were planting your spring bulbs and you find yourself with some space that looks awkward, interplant your large bulbs (tulips aga daffodils) with cold hardy annuals such as pansies.

Plan For Color And Fragrance

As your cold hardy annuals (especially your pansies) start to look a little ragged, it's time to replace them with summer annuals such as Canna Lily, Annual Foxglove, and Delospermum which are among my favorite. Fill empty spaces with easy to care for knock-out roses or fragrant Korean Spice Viburnum (which has a spice cake scent). Encore Azalea will re-bloom in the fall. Endless Summer Hydrangeas are not only beautiful, but they're easy to care for. If the thought of hydrangeas scare you because of the confusion over pruning, check out our pruning Hydrangeas guide.

Keep It Beautiful

It's super easy to get enthusiastic to be in your garden during the warm days of spring. However, your landscape will not keep it's good looks unless it's cared for. Add mulch in the spring to keep the weeds down and the soil moist. When you do get weeds, they're easiest to pull in the early morning when the ground is damp. Water deeply during periods of no rain. Every 3 -5 days is ideal. You can opt for plants with lower maintenance such as the knock out roses I mentioned. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there really is no such thing as maintenance free. Bear minimum shrubs need pruning every year aga perennials need cutting back. Everything needs weeding and watering. Don't worry though, if your kids or with schedule leaves you running with no time for your garden, we offer full service maintenance. We can take care of your landscape weekly, bi-weekly it as the need arises. We're just a phone call or an email away!

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