• Sandi Manna

Top Plants To Get You Through The Winter

Winter in Connecticut is pretty dreary. This winter particularly seems to have an endless supply of rain. If you're looking for a little beauty to help get you through the winter, look no further. I've put together a list of some of my favorite plants for winter interest. Some not only offer beauty during the winter, but they provide food and/or shelter for wildlife as well.

5 characteristics to add beauty to you winter garden:

1. Foliage: Look for foliage that stands out in the winter garden. Don't just settle for green. There are broad leaf evergreens sign as the Japanese Gold Dust Plant that has green foliage accented with yellow. There are blue, silver and also yellow conifers that offer color during the dull days of winter.

2. Bark: There are so many trees with beautiful bark. The River Birch which many are familiar with, has peeling bark and is a light beige in color. Another beautiful Birch which is less known is the Himalayan Birch. Like it's cousin the River Birch, it also had peeling bark, but it stays bright white like a Paper Birch. Speaking of which, the white Paper Birch it also a beautiful tree. Another favorite of mine is the Paperbark Maple. Beautiful cinnamon-brown bark gently exfoliates.

3. Berries attract birds during the winter and brighten up a gloomy day with they're cheerful colors. Red, yellow, orange and even purple berries as in the case of the Beautyberry bush.

4. Shape: Some shrubs have a shape that goes unnoticed during the regular growing season because they're branches area covered with leaves. Harry Lauder's Walking Stick is one of those. This unique shrub work it's twisted branches is dramatic in the winter landscape. Twisted red buds are also beautiful and Japanese Maples have a pretty umbrella shape during the winter.

Grasses are beautiful in the winter. Their buff spires sway in the winter breezes and offer interesting movement in the garden.

There are a number of trees, shrubs and even perennials that can make your garden shine even on the dreariest winter day. Looking for suggestions? We're very passionate about what we do, so we're happy to offer some suggestions if you get stuck. We're only an email or phone call away.

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