P R U N I N G &  S H E A R I N G 

• Hedge Pruning

• Hedge Shearing

• Hand Pruning

• Topiary Pruning

• Shrub Shaping

• Rejuvenation Pruning

• Directional or Formative Pruning

• Espalier Pruning

M&M Garden Designs has a very talented and knowledgeable staff. We realize that there are many different techniques and approaches when it comes to pruning, and we are well versed in all of these. We will help you decide how to best prune your plant material so that

we can achieve the look you want as well as maintain the health and longevity of your plants.


Many times we prefer to use the natural pruning method, which is also known as the selective hand pruning, or bypass method.  Selective hand pruning or natural pruning methods have been recognized by many public gardens (Elizabeth Park in Hartford, United States Botanic Gardens) as the most horticulturally beneficial method of pruning for the health and natural beauty of plant material.


The natural pruning method has several advantages. The plant is thinned in this process which increases air circulation, reducing susceptibility to disease. When the canopy of the plant is thinned appropriately, sunlight can penetrate which stimulates new growth throughout the plant rather than only on the surface. When there is new growth throughout, the plant can be pruned to that new growth. Not only does this correcting plants that have outgrown their space, it prevents that all together [ and rejuvenates the health of the plant itself. These advantages greatly contribute to prolonging the life and health of your plant material.


Many plants can be sheared into balls or boxes, and we understand that some clients may prefer that. No matter how large or complex, we can create and maintain a specific shape if desired.


We also perform pruning at specific times in the plant’s growth cycle. Careful considerations is made about the type of plant and how pruning can affect the blooming, overall size, and even the dormancy of the plant. We may provide hand pruning several times a year along with our regular maintenance if the plant warrrants it. We like to keep in mind that these plants are meant to be in your gardens for years to come, proper maintenance is critical to shape the new growth and provide longevity to the future of your plant.