S I T E   E N H A N C E M E N T S 

• Additional Beds

• Lawn Alternatives

• Garden Walls

• Replacement Trees, Shrubs

  or Perennials

• Drainage and Erosion Control

• Annuals

• Outdoor Seating

• Water Features and Fountains

• Fire Pits and Fireplaces

• Suggestions For Areas of Concern

• Planters & Potscapes

• Garden Statuary

• Seasonal Decor

There may be times in which your landscape doesn't necessarily need a complete overhaul, but there are certain areas or elements that just need

a little help. Perhaps you are looking for some suggestions to increase the visual appeal or functionality of your landscape.

Well-planned enhancements will purposefully draw your eye to certain focal points. Colorful flowers and foliage can bring attention to your home's

entry. Container gardens or planters can welcome guests as they enter your property.

Decorative fountains or water features can subdue nearby noise and screenings can block unappealing views more subtly than a fence. 

Landscape enhancements will increase your property's visual appeal and functionality and create a more enjoyable space for your family and guests.