T  U R F   C A R E 

• Organic Lawn Care

• Integrated Pest Managment

• Synthetic Lawn Care

• Compost Top Dressing

• Sod Installation

• Weed Control

• Aerating

• De-Thatching

• Overseeding

• Grading

Turf care includes regular maintenance, seasonally appropriate fertilizer, and applications for both weed and pest control.

We also recommend detaching and aerating.

We encourage organice lawn care whenever possible for a greener,  healthier environment.

The key to a gorgeous lawn is a thick lawn and a healthy soil. Topdressing with compost, especially in the spring, can give your soil a huge boost and make an incredible difference in your lawn.

We believe a blanket application of any type of weed or pest control should only be done in extreme cases. A simple spot targeting of insects or weeds more often does the trick with less use of product. 

Sometimes you need a little help so we can overseed your lawn using a slice seeder in the fall. When instant results are necessary, sod will give you a thick, green lawn instantly.

When none of the above work, we offer complete lawn renovations by bringing in high quality top soil, grading and seeding. DEEP# S-5503